A is for Animals, Part 1

Last week Sunday my beloved and I visited Caversham Wildlife Park.  I’d have preferred them to call it an “animal sanctuary” as the word “wildlife park” immediately brings to mind something like the Kruger national park, which is of course waaaaay off.  Firstly I have to congratulate Australia on their amazing birds.  I can’t remember when last I saw so many beautifully ruffled feathers, shimmering colours and heard so many different, irritating, high pitched squawks and squeals.

I think my favourite has to be the kookabara.  If I didn’t have  an actual photo, I would probably describe it as the love child of a kingfisher and a duck.

There is in fact a startling number of parrots just flying around everywhere, they love sitting next to the freeways, pecking away at I don’t know what.  The most common ones are grey, white and pink.  I’ve also seen green ones, pretty awesome.  And I’ve seen a magpie attack a man on a bike, repeatedly.  It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life, the man on the bike didn’t seem to share my mirth.  Magpies are viciously territorial birds and should be avoided at all times.

Anyhoo, back to the animals.  It was imperative that I touch a kangaroo, koala and a wombat.  So far I haven’t really felt that I’m in Australia, I was hoping that our animal encounters would fix this.  It did.  Sort of.

Kangaroos are really not as exciting as

the movies and bloody Kangaroo Jack would make them

appear, for one thing,kangaroos cannot rap or talk.  Yes, they are very cute with their doe eyes, long lashes and soft fur.  But they can be rather gross too.  I saw many kangaroos have a wee and just lie down in it.  Maybe it was too warm and they wanted to cool down a bit, I’m not sure.  The inside of a kangaroo’s pouch is also not quite the way I imagined it.

Inside, it’s all loose flaps of pink, wet skin, nipples, arteries and who knows what else they keep in there.  Maybe they should keep some sunblock in there, I saw some badly burnt kangaroo ears, all crispy skin and peeling.  Hurl.

I picked the prettiest kangaroo and scratched him/her behind his/her ears.  It seemed to enjoy it, I know I did, I was in ASS-FREAKIN-STRALIA MATE!!  I only saw one kangaroo hop, he was followed by a very excited little girl, running on her short little legs, shouting, “Hop, hop, HOP!!”.  The rest of the roos were just lying around, scratching their asses and looking very dopey.  Disney got it wrong.  I hope to see a roo in the wild one day, skittish and dangerous when approached.