A is for Animals, Part 2

Koalas must be the most Asian looking animals in the world.  You keep your tigers and your pandas, Asia.  I don’t know exactly what it is, but koalas are one chopstick away from speaking Mandarin.  Just tell me that this koala doesn’t look like Mr Miyagi.


They are incredibly cute, with their soft grey fur and fluffy ears.  These particular koalas had a “petting schedule”.  Nothing erotic, just some regular stroking of some furry animals.  See, the koalas get really irritated if you touch them all the time, so they take it in turns to endure our sweaty palms.

Since these little guys need about 18 hours of sleep a day, it’s also just plain good manners to not wake them up constantly.  They’ve also got very sharp claws, a fair reminder that they are still wild animals and could very well pee on you if you get too close.

The koala we were staring at on this particular day, was hanging spread eagle across some branches, sleeping deeply, with his head slowly drooping down, very much like an old man who’s had too much to eat, and was dozing in front of the telly.

So like us.

My favourite Australia animal by far, is the hairy nosed wombat.

The Amazing Hairy Nosed Wombat

I could go on and try to explain their awesomeness to you, but in this case, pictures speak much louder than words.

Wombat balls, very impressive