B is also for Beaches

I miss going to the beach.

As I’m sitting here, enjoying my cold beer on an equally chilly day, I’m reminded of the fact that I really hate winter.  Winter in the Southern Hemisphere is truly lame and pointless, how are you supposed to enjoy all the beautiful nature and stuff.

There really isn’t anything better than waking up before dawn and going down to the sea to watch the sunrise.  The sand is still cold and twilight still lingers…and then, the sun bursts over the horison, blinding you, flooding the ocean with oranges and pinks and you stop to think, WOW, I’m lucky.  I like to pretend I’m a plus-size mermaid (working on that…) and really enjoy a swim in the vastness of the ocean, it just makes you feel so small and incredibly skinny.  The workout you get from walking on sand for an hour, damn, I woke long sleeping muscles from their laziness!



See, when you walk on the beautiful beaches of Western Australia, you are highly unlikely to come across the following:  broken glass, needles, heavy nappies, dead birds.  Now I’m not saying that the beaches I’m used to, suck (in fact, the beaches on the West and East Coast of South Africa is still beautifully unspoilt and wild), it was just that more than occasionally, you’d come across something at your local beach that would completely spoil the mood.   A friend of friend once went for a swim and as he came up for air, came face to face with a floater (if you don’t know what this is, keep it that way).  Mood destroyed.

Beaches are supposed to instill a sense of utter tranquility and space.  Below you will see some excellent examples of what a beach should look like.

4x4's allowed here!

4×4’s allowed here!

I really like that beaches are also used for the purpose of exhibiting art, what a wonderful idea, you couldn’t ask for a better, more flattering, slightly distracting, back drop.  These pics were taken at Cottesloe Beach a while ago.  There was this really great ‘Eye of the Needle’ exhibit which counted and documented the country of the event for each person to climb through the eye, how cool is that!

Cottesloe beach exhibition

Cottesloe beach exhibition

A mere 3 hours drive from Perth, you get to see the longest freakin jetty in the Southern Hemisphere (Busselton, WA), almost a full 2km into the ocean!  Back home we used to go for a walk down the jetty with an ice cream on a Sunday (or a sneaky bottle of champagne for a friend’s birthday), but this is something else.  Better get your walking shoes on!  Oh and 5 bucks to keep it the great shape that it is in.  I was surprised and happy to see that many people had little plaques up on the jetty, reminding you that, yes, it looks cool, but many people also deemed it of such importance to their personal memories that they requested their ashes to be scattered here.

Busselton Jetty

Busselton Jetty

Yes, beaches are versatile and many people use it for many different things.  What I like about the general attitude to beaches in this country, is the respect.  You can even have a BBQ on one of the many free gas bbq’s on the beautiful green grass, right next to the beach.  How amazing is that!

Sausage sizzle!

Sausage sizzle!

So, if you’re currently caught up in the chaos and mayhem of immigration, or anything really, take a deep breath, picture the salty air and unrelenting rhythm of the waves and remember why you’re doing it.

PS:  can someone please add some mountains to the WA landscape?  Great, thanks.

Cottesloe beach exhibition

Cottesloe beach exhibition


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